How to reach the School


In this page you will find some useful information for arranging your trip.

If you drive, please reach the School following the advised route.

For those who will travel by airplane, train, or bus a shuttle bus service is foreseen for the transfers between Lecce and Serra degli Alimini at the beginning and end of the School.

Should you need any additional direction, please do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat of the Shool.








The airport of Brindisi Papola Casale (BDS) is located about 45 km NW of Lecce. Connections are operated daily with many Italian (including Bologna, Milano, Roma, Pisa, Torino and Venezia) and foreign cities. Several of such connections are operated by low-cost companies.

A complete list of the flights reaching or leaving from the airport of Brindisi can be found at:

You may book a shuttle bus from the airport directly to Serra degli Alimini by e-mailing (or by means of the dedicated link), providing: your name, your telephone number, the flight number, the date and time of your arrival/departure. The ticket costs €40. The service to the Airport City Terminal of Lecce costs €20.

If you want to take the shuttle bus of the School, you will have to reach Lecce. To this purpose, you can take the regular shuttle bus service which connects the airport of Brindisi to the Airport City Terminal of Lecce: timetable and information. The trip lasts about 45 minutes; the tickets costs €6 and can be purchased on the bus.




A list of all trains arriving at and leaving from Lecce can be found at:

Otranto is connected to Lecce and Maglie by train or bus by Ferrovie del Sud-Est. The timetable and all information can be found at:




Connections between Otranto/Maglie and many Italian cities are operated by several companies. Regular connections are scheduled (for instance) between Otranto and Bari-Roma, Siena-Firenze-Pisa, Bologna-Milano, Messina-Catania-Palermo, or between Maglie and Milano-Torino, Bologna-Parma.

More information and the timetable can be checked at: bus to Otranto/Maglie.




A shuttle bus service connecting the railway station and the Airport City Terminal of Lecce to Serra degli Alimini is foreseen at the beginning and the end of the Seminar.

Important: those who plan to take the shuttle bus at their arrival are kindly asked to report, in a timely manner, their travel plan to the Secretariat of the School (




Those who will drive to Serra degli Alimini 1 should reach Lecce and then choose one of the following options:

1) proceed toward the sea to San Cataldo, and then continue on S.S. 613 toward the Alimini Lakes (Laghi Alimini), a bit further to Torre dell'Orso (route in light blue on the map below). The resort of Serra degli Alimini 1 is located close to Villaggio Valtur, right before the Alimini Lakes, on your left coming from Torre dell'Orso (green cross on the map).


2) follow S.S. 16 until Maglie, then reach Otranto and proceed on S.S. 613 to the Alimini Lakes (purple route on the map). The resort of Serra degli Alimini 1 is located close to Villaggio Valtur, right after the Alimini Lakes, on your right coming from Otranto (green cross on the map).