The Women who run the biggest machine ever built by Man
The complexity of LHC and the women in charge of it

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Caterina obtained both her masters and her Ph.D. in physics in her home town, Cagliari. Ever since her scientific childhood, she has worked on the GEM (Gas Electron Multiplier) detectors which identify muons in the LHCb experiment. She's been involved in their design and the electronic system that allows the gathering and processing of signals. After years of hard work, the GEM chambers have been installed with great satisfaction in the heart of the experimental apparatus, where they first gathered data coming from cosmic rays, and today they're ready to capture those generated by LHC collision.

"In the control room I feel at ease, like being at home. It's as if I were the babysitter of my technological creature, and I don't hesitate to say that I take loving care of it, making sure it's always perfectly healthy. Not only do I never get bored, I have fun with it. What do I enjoy most about research? To always be able to find new solutions to ever-changing problems! "