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NOW 2018

Neutrino Oscillation Workshop

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The NOW 2018 poster theme:


The (ν) Compass Rose


The structure of the NOW Workshop includes five sessions, with plenary and parallel talks on several topics of current interest in neutrino and astroparticle physics:

 I         Oscillation parameters: Present

 II       Oscillations parameters: Future

 III     Multimessenger astrophysics

 IV     Neutrino masses, states and interactions

 V       Particle physics in the Cosmos

In the NOW 2018 poster, these sessions are associated to sectors of a ν Compass Rose on a hand-drawn nautical map.


The compass rose (or wind rose) was an essential part, e.g., of coastal navigation maps such as the portolan charts,


where compasses were depicted at both the center and the vertices of a regular polygon,


usually a hexadecagon. The vertices were connected by a "rhumbline network" of navigation lines,


which, in the NOW 2018 poster, are meant to represent the web of links existing among the five Workshop sessions and, in general, between neutrino and astroparticle physics.


With respect to the central compass, the rightmost direction, denoted by " ν?", points towards possible completely unknown seas or lands, outside the chart. The other main directions,  denoted by the known neutrino species  " νe, νμ, ντ", point towards a piece of land and its adjacent sea.


The inland town is an impression of Ostuni, (also called the "White Town" for its white-painted houses and architectural elements)



which is sitting on top of a hill that gently slopes towards the seaside, where the NOW 2018 Workshop venue is located (the so-called Marina di Ostuni)


The town "skyline" and massive walls are inspired by an old view,


Also shown are characteristic elements of the local landscape: the trulli


and some centuries-old olive trees



In the sea, the three symbolic figures: a sailing ship, Poseidon (or Neptune), and a sea monster, inspired by similar figures appearing in Mercator's World Map


They are meant to represent the navigation of neutrino physics (the ship) towards new horizons, hoping for a successful journey (with the help of Poseidon) despite the difficulties (the monster and the perils of the sea) - as summarized by the NOW 2018 slogan surrounding the inner compass, with an intended ambiguity between the neutrino symbol  "ν" and "new":


 "Bravely sailing - into ν winds - through ν waves - towards ν lands".