Dip. Interateneo di Fisica

Università di Bari

Dip. di Matematica e Fisica

Università del Salento

NOW 2018

Neutrino Oscillation Workshop

The NOW 2018 Workshop Venue (Ostuni Rosa Marina Resort) is located very close to the seaside of Ostuni (Brindisi, Italy), at walking distance (~300 m) from the Resort private beach, which can also be reached by means of a small "train" commuting  frequently between the Resort area and the beach area. The seaside alternates sand and rocks and is thus suitable for everybody, from kids to expert swimmers. The Resort area offers a large pool + solarium and various sport facilities free of charge, plus other charged services. There is the possibility to have lunches at the restaurant near the private Resort beach, instead that in the main Resort area. The Workshop participants and/or the accompanying persons may spend their free time either within the Resort facilities or outside its area, e.g., towards farther public beaches or the inland town of Ostuni, which are favorite destinations for tourists. See the website: http://www.ostunirosamarinaresort.com/home/?lang=en