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NOW 2016

Neutrino Oscillation Workshop

Topics of NOW 2016



Session I            Oscillation parameters: Present

Conveners:  Camillo Mariani and Mariam Tortola


Session II          Oscillations parameters: Future

Conveners:  Georgia Karagiorgi and Lucio Ludovici


Session III        Multimessenger astrophysics

Conveners:  Francesco Salamida and Irene Tamborra


Session IV        Neutrino masses, states and interactions

Conveners:  Susanne Mertens and Stefano Morisi


Session V         Particle physics in the Cosmos

Conveners:  Davide Franco and Ninetta Saviano


• Session I - Oscillation parameters: present
Current oscillation parameters from various experiments
[accelerator, reactor, solar, atmospheric ...]
Nuclear physics relevant for oscillation experiments
Geoneutrino physics
Data analyses (theory, phenomenology)
• Session II - Oscillation parameters: future
Future oscillation parameter determinations
CP violation
Mass hierarchy
Octant degeneracy
New facilities and large volume detectors
• Session III - Multimessenger astrophysics
Cosmic Rays (CR): gamma, neutrino, charged
Neutrino and Gravitational Waves: Interplay 
Core-collapse supernovae, stellar physics
Sources of very high-energy neutrinos and CR
Neutrino telescopes
• Session IV - Neutrino masses, states and interactions 
Neutrinoless double beta decay, beta decay, EC
Sterile neutrino searches in laboratory
Searches for NSI, LFV, CLVF, non-unitarity
Neutrino model building
LHC and neutrino physics
• Session V - Particle physics in the Cosmos
Cosmology and (non)standard neutrinos
Dark matter candidates
BBN, relic neutrinos
Diffuse SN neutrino background

Contact email: now2016@ba.infn.it