First (and Last) Bulletin of NOW 2008 (pdf)




1 – Workshop Website


The website of the Neutrino Oscillation Workshop 2008 (NOW 2008) is For any communication, please contact the Local Organizing Committee at the email address


2 – Completing your arrival information


If you have not already done so, please send us your complete arrival information (date, place, exact time, and flight or train number) as soon as possible. We need such information not only to ensure lodging, but also (for those not arriving by car) to organize our shuttle service from the Brindisi airport and from the Lecce train station, which are both very far from the Workshop site in Conca Specchiulla. (Private taxi services would be very expensive.)

A few days before the Workshop we shall e-mail the shuttle pick-up schedule to each interested participant. Notify us immediately in case of last-minute changes (see the last page for emergency numbers).


3 – Lodging


All the participants will be lodged in the Grand Hotel Daniela, which is also the site of the Workshop. Please note the following points concerning your arrival, departure and payment. The workshop sessions will start on Sunday 7 and will end on Friday 12. The arrival day is expected on Saturday 6 and the departure day is expected on Saturday 13, in the morning. If you wish to extend your stay beyond these dates, you should make personal arrangements.


Hotel payment. You will pay for your stay directly to the Hotel. Any major credit card will be accepted. You can ask for specific forms of receipt, but you have to inform the Hotel in advance (a couple of days before leaving).


4 – Arrival



There are four ways to reach Conca Specchiulla:


i)     By boat. We have not considered this possibility. However, it would be by far the easiest way, if you could only find a boat taking you to the shore of Conca Specchiulla. At that point, after a two-minute walk, you would have arrived.


ii)    By plane. The nearest airport is Brindisi (we exclude the Bari airport because it is too far). Since there are relatively few daily flights to/from Brindisi, it is advisable to book your flights at your earliest convenience. We are organizing our own shuttle service from the Brindisi airport, but we need to know at a high level of accuracy, day, flight code and time of arrival, otherwise we cannot ensure your transfer by bus to Conca Specchiulla. In order to avoid confusion with the regular bus service to and from Lecce, conference posters will be visible on the bus.


iii)   By train. The only practical railway station is Lecce (in principle you can reach Otranto, but it is not a practical choice). Also in this case we need to know at a high level of accuracy, day, train number and time of arrival, otherwise we cannot ensure your transfer by bus to Conca Specchiulla. 


Warning: If you plan to arrive by plane or train via Rome, please notice that, on September 6th, there will be the Madonna Concert in Rome. Early booking of your travel tickets is advised.


iv)   By car. A few indications for those who travel by car follow. You can reach Bari following the "Autostrada A14", a very good highway, then take the exit in the direction "Brindisi - Lecce". After ~150 km you will get to Lecce. From Lecce to Conca Specchiulla you may follow these directions:

        i.     The easiest way (~55 km): Before entering Lecce, take the "Tangenziale Est" up to the indication to Maglie and Otranto. The route is very good. Before entering Otranto, you turn left once more following the indications for S. Cataldo and "Laghi Alimini". After 11 km you find on the right the indication for Conca Specchiulla and Grand Hotel Daniela.

       ii.     The shortest way (~45 km): Before entering Lecce, take the "Tangenziale Est" up to the indication to Melendugno. When you arrive to Melendugno, turn to the right in the direction of Torre dell'Orso. Follow this direction until you reach Torre dell'Orso, which is on the sea. Then turn right along the sea side (direction Otranto) and after 4 km you find on the left the indications of Conca Specchiulla and Grand Hotel Daniela.

Parking in the Hotel Daniela is provided free of charge for the customers. You can also find a road map and other useful information on the workshop home page.


5 – Departure


You need to tell us in advance your return travel plans, in order to allow us to organize your transfer from Conca Specchiulla to Brindisi airport or to Lecce railway station. If you extend your stay after Sept. 13, you must arrange the transfer by yourself.


6 – Fee


The conference fee is 350 euros. No conference fee is requested for accompanying persons. You are required to pay the fee of the workshop cash and in Euros at the arrival. We regret this point, which, however, cannot be avoided. So, you are advised to prepare your fee in advance, since is not easy to change money at Conca Specchiulla, and we expect the exchange rate of the Hotel to be not so convenient. Of course, you will receive a receipt of your payment.

Participants supported by I.N.F.N. should inform the secretaries upon arrival, in order to allow the issue of a receipt suitable to be accepted by their INFN section.


7 – Computer Facilities


Some desktop PC's, printers, and wired connections will be provided to participants. Wireless connection will also be available in the Hotel hall area, so it is a good idea to bring your laptop at the workshop.

Note: Due to the new strict security European rules, before allowing your connection we must first acquire a digital copy of your passport (or identification document). You may want to e-mail us a scanned copy in advance. You will then get from the secretariat a login name and a password for the connection.


8 – Talks


Each plenary talk will be 30' long (+ 5' for discussion). Parallel talks will be 15' long (+ 5' for discussion). Both overhead projectors (discouraged) and video projectors will be provided for the presentations. We will provide two laptops for presentations, one for Mac users and one for Windows users. Participants may give electronic presentations with their own laptop if they wish.

We also expect to broadcast the plenary talks (and possibly part of the parallel talks) in real time, with access through the 'live videostreaming' link on the webpage.


9 – Presentations on the web and Proceedings


Copies of talks for plenary and parallel sessions will be posted daily on the workshop web site. For this reason, speakers who present their talk in electronic form should provide a copy of the talk, e.g., on a memory stick. Please provide us also with a "safe" pdf version of your talk, to be used in case of software compatibility problems. Transparencies (discouraged) will be scanned.

All presentations by plenary and parallel session speakers, together with short session summaries by the conveners, will published in the NOW 2008 proceedings volume by Elsevier (Nuclear Physics B - Proceeding Supplements), and will be edited by P. Bernardini, G.L. Fogli, and E. Lisi. The format for published papers and submission details will be forwarded directly to the speakers. After publication, each participant will receive a free hardcopy of the Proceedings directly from the publisher.

We recall that the proceedings of NOW 2000, 2004, and 2006 have been published on Nucl. Phys. B (Proc. Suppl.), vol. 100, 145, and 168 respectively.


10 – Weather


Beware. Even though you will be in the South of Italy, the month of September is not hot, in general. The wind blows normally from the North, storms are not so rare and the temperature decreases remarkably at night. So, clothing must be adequate. You can find weakly, local weather information for Otranto (in Italian) on this site o for Lecce (in English) See also the weather links on the workshop web page. 


11 – Free time


As you can see from the program, there is a 4-hour daily break from 12.00 to 16.00 o'clock, which can be used freely. A small "train" is provided by the Hotel to reach the Hotel beach, where you can have, included in the Hotel facilities, the use of beach umbrellas, deck chairs, etc. Otherwise, you can easily walk to the sea through the pinewood, which divides the Hotel from the sea. As a third possibility, you can swim in the large swimming pool of the Hotel. With regards to your lunch, you can either have it in the Hotel, or you can ask (one day in advance) to have a take-away lunch prepared.


12 – Excursions


There will be a short excursion in Otranto on the evening of Monday 8. For the excursion day (Wednesday 10) we will propose you two alternatives tours. You are required to choose one of them in advance. This choice is not necessarily definitive, you can change it at the last minute (not all together, please!), but it will be very useful for our organization to know in advance your preference to a good level of approximation.


a)    South Coast tour. You leave Conca Specchiulla in the south direction.  You will see small villages, churches and monuments of the South Salento. We hope to make part of the tour by boat, if the weather and sea conditions will allow it. Details will be defined later. Lunch will be provided during the tour.


b)    Alberobello tour. You leave Conca Specchiulla in the north direction. You will visit Lecce with its baroque churches, Alberobello with its famous trulli, and Ostuni, the "White Town". Lunch will be provided during the tour.


13 – Tours for accompanying persons


We have not organized additional tours for the accompanying persons. In general, the stay in Conca Specchiulla is pleasant, and the accompanying persons can enjoy the beaches and the sea. However, you may ask the reception of Grand Hotel Daniela to organize or suggest for you tours of various kinds (visit to Lecce, to Otranto, tours by boat, etc.) at your own expenses.


14 – Emergency numbers


If you have any kind of emergency at arrival, please call:

-   either the Grand Hotel Daniela reception, at the phone number  0836 806648    (the reception will then transfer your message to the NOW organizers)

-   or directly Prof. Gianluigi Fogli, at the cellular phone number 329 2049241    (this dedicated number will be active only during the days of the Workshop).

From abroad, the Italy country code is +39.


We wish you a nice trip. See you in Conca Specchiulla!