Bulletin 2: 

arrivals and shuttle service


14 JUNE:  A car  will wait for  Sanz-Cillero (flight SN3151) at 16:35 at  Bari Palese airport.

15 JUNE:  A car  will wait for  Lucha and Melikhov  (flight AP4114) at 17:45 at  Bari Palese airport.

                  A car  will wait for Mateu, Roig and Rosell  (flight AZ1607 from Rome)  at 18:45 at  Bari Palese airport.

16 JUNE: 

People arriving by plane at the Bari-Palese airport

At the Bari airport - at the arrival gate - there will be a meeting point:  Ms. Lucrezia, reachable at the telephone number 333 9801638.

Shuttle  services from the airport to the conference site:

  1. shuttle for 8 persons: Arbuzov, Jaffe (2 persons), Kiriyama, Malekzadeh, Sidorov (flight AZ1629 from Milan) at 11:20, Zamiralov (arriving from Bari) and Faccioli   (flight     E81614 from Verona) at 12:05; departure at approximately 12:15 a.m.

  2. shuttle for 6 persons: Alford, Blashke, Casalbuoni, Di Giacomo, Zakharov (flight AZ1605 from Rome)  at 14:15 and Feldmann (flight HLX1150 from Cologne) at 14:40;  departure at approximately 14:50.

  3. shuttle for 10 persons:  Lenz, Matteuzzi, Mondejar, Pham, Sadzjian (2 persons), Schmitt, Stock, Venditti, Virto (flight AZ1635 from Milan) at 16:15; departure at   approximately  16:40.

  4. shuttle for 3 persons: Bradamante, Rajagopal, Simonetto (flight AP4121-LH2833  from Venice) at 17:15;  departure at   approximately  17:30.
  5.  shuttle for 5 persons: Aguilar, Greco, Guffanti, Klein, Ozpineci (flight AZ1607 from Rome) at 18:15;  departure at   approximately  18:30.

  6. shuttle for 3 persons: Antonov and Parnachev (flight RyanAir FR5214 from Frankfurt)  at 20:30;  Trentadue (flight AP5513 from Bologna) at 20:10;   departure at   approximately  20:45.

  7. shuttle for 3 persons: Battaglieri, Merino, Oertel (flight AZ1611 from Rome) at 22:15; departure at approximately 23:00.


  People arriving at the Bari Railway station:

  1. A car will wait for Martinelli (arrival at 18:15 from Rome by Eurostar) and Santorelli ; another car for  Brambilla, Vairo (arriving from Milan). Meeting point: sala d'attesa della stazione.  

Arrivals by car: please go to  Park Hotel San Michele - Martina Franca for registration.


17 JUNE:   shuttle  for 2 persons: Contalbrigo and Becattini   departure at approximately 14:30 at Bari Palese airport.


Participants wishing to use the shuttle service and  not included in the above table are kindly requested to communicate us date and time of their arrival.



The workshop secretariat for registration will be operative on June 16th, starting at 5 pm, in Park Hotel San Michele.

Files of the presentations

If you have an electronic file of your presentation (PS, PPT, PDF), please provide us a copy on a USB pen drive or the URL address where it is possible to dowload it.  Another possibility is to email us the presentation at the workshop address.


Useful phone numbers for contacting us in case of difficulties

(+39 in front of each number if you call from abroad)

Park Hotel San Michele:       0804807053

Mobiles of the organizers:

Ms. Sassu        3332303224

G. Nardulli       3497272832

P. Colangelo    3474860177

F. De Fazio      3473169676