Workshop Proceedings

Instructions to prepare the contributions to the
Proceedings of the Conversano Workshop on QCD - QCD@Work 2003.

The Proceedings will be published in the electronic version
using the eConf service at SLAC (,
with individual contributions held on the high energy physics eprint arXiv hep-ph and hep-ex.
The main Proceedings pages at eConf will contain the links to all the arXiv articles.
In the hardcopy version the Proceedings will be published by Bari University.

The contributions can be prepared using the standard LaTeX.
In this directory  you can find:

a) the template file template.tex that you can use to prepare your contribution
b) the style file wqcd03.cls used in the template
c) the file logo.eps that must be included in your contribution
d) a sample figure testfig.eps (please, replace it with your figures)
e) the obtained as the output of the four files above 
f) the gzipped file files.tar.gz with them all

 The pages allotted for the various contributions are:
a) 8 pages for invited talks
b) 6 pages for contributed talks
c) 4 pages for posters

When you submit your contribution to the hep archive (hep-ph or
hep-ex) please include in the Comments the following statement:
"Talk at (or Contribution to) the International Workshop on
QCD: QCD@Work 2003 - Conversano (Italy) 14-18 June 2003 (eConf C030614)."
The deadline for sending the contribution to the organizers and to the hep archive is
October 15th, 2003.

In case of difficulties with the preparation of your contribution, please contact the workshop organizers.

QCD@Work 2003
International Workshop on Quantum Chromodynamics
Theory and Experiment
P. Colangelo, F. De Fazio, R.A. Fini, E. Nappi, G. Nardulli Editors
eConf C030614