Last Bulletin


12 JUNE:  A car will wait for Korytov ( 2 persons) at  16:45 at Bari Palese airport.

13 JUNE:  A car will wait for Pennington at 16:40 at Bari Palese airport.

                  A car will wait for Iwazaki and Nishikawa (3 persons) at 23:20
                  at Bari Palese airport.

14 JUNE: 

People arriving by plane at the Bari-Palese airport:  there will be the following shuttle  services from the airport to the conference site:

                      a) shuttle for Harris and Schafer (arriving with flight AZ1601) and for Ali
                          (2 persons) from  Hotel Best  Western Palese:
                          departure at approximately 10.30 a.m.

                      b) shuttle for Ryckbosch, Kalloniatis, Pham and Shovkovy:
                          departure at approximately 12.30.

                      c) shuttle for Ridolfi, Sachrajda, Shifman (2 persons) and Tserruya:
                          departure at approximately 14.30.

                      d) shuttle for Eidemuller, Fleisher, Milhano and Mocsy: 
                          departure at approximately 17.00.

                      e) shuttle for Ciafaloni (2 persons), Deldar, Di Giacomo and Mangano:
                          departure at approximately 19.00.

                      f) taxi for Brambilla, Ratcliffe, Rodrigo + 1 person of the organization:
                         departure at approximately 19.30.

                      g) shuttle for Banicz, Eeg (2 persons) and Scimemi:
                          departure at approximately 21.30.

                      h) Yndurain: taxi to Conversano.

At the Bari Airport there will be a meeting point, operative until 19:30,
reachable at the telephone number 3294044009.

People arriving at the Bari Railway station:

 a) Iazkov and Gatti: Please, go to the reception of the Hotel Leon d'Oro (in front of the railway station, in Piazza Aldo Moro): there will be a car for you and for persons accomodated in Leon d'Oro (Casalbuoni and Paic). 

 b) Lombardo: taxi to Conversano


Arrivals by car: please go to  Grand Hotel d'Aragona for registration.


 15 JUNE:  A car will wait for Giorgi and Hussein at 18:00 at Bari Palese airport.

 16 JUNE:  A car will wait for Paver at 18:00 at Bari Palese airport.



The workshop secretariat for registration will be operative on June 14th, starting at 6 pm, in Grand Hotel d'Aragona, and in the following days in Castello Aragonese.


Files of the presentations

If you have an electronic file of your presentation (PS, PPT, PDF), please provide us a copy on a diskette or the URL address where it is possible to dowload it.  Another possibility is to email us the presentation at the workshop address.


Useful phone numbers for contacting us in case of difficulties

(+39 in front of each number if you call from abroad)

Grand Hotel d'Aragona       080 4952344


Ms. Sassu         3332303224

G. Nardulli       349 7272832

P. Colangelo     347 4860177

F. De Fazio       347 3169676