Photos: “Galleria Personale”
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my favorite girls

more favorite girls

Saverio and the MS theorem at a Solvay conference (left to right: Sudarshan, S.P., Misra)

in Napoli (left to right: Scardicchio, Sudarshan, Facchi, Pascazio, Marmo)

Antonello Scardicchio's "Laurea"
Left to right: H. Nakazato, P. Cea, A. Scardicchio, P. Facchi and S. Pascazio

S.P., George W. and P. Facchi (in Washington, a few days before 9/11)

Vito (notice bright expression) and friends

My friend Jim C.

More Jim

my friend “small” Luciano

A great plate (admittedly, not easy to understand... unless you are from Puglia)

top, left to right: Anto, Guenther
bottom, left to right: Zeila, S., Paolo, Angelo

Paolo and Saverio in Prague, pretending to be concentrated

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